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Oppdatert: 24. apr.

Over on Snapchat you guys asked me some questions. I was overwhelmed with the response! Thank you!

I´ve been trying to respond to everyone, so if you have sent me a message and I haven´t replied, please don´t think I´m ignoring you! Except that middle aged man from Saudi Arabia asking me to send pictures of my feet. I´m ignoring you. Sorry.

+Why a blog?

First and foremost, it´s very selfish. I´m a gen z in it´s truest form and I love to document everything. Family dinners, summer drives up to the mountains, getting kicked out of a club for having your flash on while I´m trying to Snapchat... that´s all me. My friends and family hate it but I think they´ll thank me someday.

I´ve kept pictures, journals and blogs for years but there´s nothing like capturing the feeling in the moment to me. To me, memories are the most valuable things in life. And for the people that asked, yes I bring my phone/camera everywhere! It´s a tough balance between "living in the moment" and capturing them. But I´ve gotten pretty good at it. So for me, my pictures and journals aka feelings spelled out into words are primarily for myself. So I can look back on my life and show my kids someday. I don´t think my generation realizes how truly incredible that is. That for the first time in history, our kids and grandkids will be able to see how we grew up. Technology and digital media is so amazing in that sense, and we don´t even realize it. What you´re putting out into the world, online, is essentially what you´ll be remembered for. Even the one direction fan fiction. Even that one time you commented on my instgram picture and called me a "stupid hoe" :)

+ What camera/equipment do you use?

Right now I shoot on Nikon, it´s my child. (It cost about as much as one, so I treat it with the same tender, love and care.)

+How do you afford to travel so much?

Last year I went to Holland, Spain, France, England and Capp Verde. And I still had money left to buy extra lives on candy crush.

HOW? It´s all about planning.

For Netherland my plane ticket was $400 round trip. I stayed with Sara and our hotel was $6 a night split between 2 people. We bicycled around Amsterdam day and night (free) to parks, beaches and the shopping streets (free.)

For Spain & France my plane ticket + cruise all inclusive for 10 days was $940.

I stayed with my family and played in the pool all day (free.)

For England my plane ticket + hotel was $280 in total. I stayed with family and we walked everywhere (painful) (but) (free.)

Same thing with everywhere else I have traveled. I find a cheap flight and either stay with a friend, family or a cheap air bnb.

Capp Verde was one of the cheapest trips I´ve ever been on believe it or not, my ticket was only $600 round trip and our bungalow was about $5 a night split between 7 people. I see you girls dropping hunneds on getting your eyebrows microbladed. Go to Capp Verde instead. Good eyebrows are important. But so is finding the best pineapple you´ve ever tasted.

I can´t stress enough that there IS a cheap way to see the world, and I´ve figured it out. It´s not because I´m white, it´s not because I´m rich, it´s not because I´m an international spy with missions in all corners of the world, it´s because I can HUSTLE. It´s a gift. So road trips, cheap flights, and staying with friends and family. That´s how I afford to go on trips.

+What kind of mindset does it take to not care? Like how?

I realized that no one actually knows me. Deep down. Few, Sara, Aurora, Frida, Kristine, Josefine and Ingvild are probably the only people who actually get and know the "real" me and I realized even they will never actually know ME. No one will. No one will ever fully capture your essence, either.

We are so complex...and our judgments of others are all based on different factors like, where we were born, who our parents are, what kind of enviroment we live in, what programs you still have running from childhood.

Once I fully came to terms with that, it was hard to care what people thought of me. I think if people really knew me, they´d understand me. They´d love me, even. but they will never fully know me, so I can´t sit around waiting to be understood.

+How do you percieve death? Read that your energy goes back into the earth/stars and that´s healing.

I think as humans we spend too much time trying to figure out what happens next. It´s like we spend our entire lives down here preparing for the next one. And the reality is - no one knows. No one!! We´re all going with whatever theory comforts us the most. It´s how we cope with the overwhelming anxiety of not knowing.

I think that no matter what this is

And no matter where we go next

If it´s light out

If it´s the celestial kingdom

If it´s the stars

If it´s a simulation

I just think it will all be okay

It will all make sense

So I try to just think about living life while I´m here. But my theories on what happens after we die change all the time.

+ How many siblings do you have?

I have two younger brothers, Magnus soon (20) and Tinius (17). Follow me on Snapchat @sofiemugaas to watch me exploit my family on a daily basis.

+What are your thoughts on college?

Just do whatever makes you happy. If college is your thing, then that´s great. Stick to your journey, and what you´re good at and what makes you the happiest.

+ Life goals?

To have a houseboat so people are forced to be friends with me.

+What´s the most important thing you´ve learned so far this year?

Sounds silly but just the realization that social media is a seperate "world" than the real one. It feels like the real world, but it´s not. And that I was missing my own life, by spending so much time consumed in that "world."

+What is the most important thing you learned from 2022?

Closure comes when you accept that it ended when it needed to.

I have the power to give myself the acknowledgment & validation I desire. And I can do it without an apology or explanation from the person who hurt me.

+Biggest lesson you´ve learned in the last 6 months?

I think I´ve learned how to be there for myself. I´ve really healed a lot of my codependent habits and discovered the root of them.

I don´t need people as much as I used to...I really can support myself where I used to seek it out from others. I still have people and support, but it´s not needed for survival anymore.

+What has this month taught you?

I found my way back to my true self in a lot of ways. Lots of journaling. Lots of walks. Lots of talks. But also beautiful memories with people close to me. I think I learned balance this month. And I´m so proud.

+Favorite thing about the current version of yourself?

I love how little I care about things that don´t matter to me. I love how I´m able to pause and consider the big picture. I love how much faith I have in myself. I love how hopeful I am.

+Do you ever get snapped back in time to a less healthy version of yourself?

Yes...but from what I´m learning it´s perfectly normal to snap back into old behaviors from time to time. I think it´s our old selves clinging on with everything they have. The key is to be nice to yourself instead of shaming yourself for it.

+What are you currently learning about yourself?

I´m stronger than I thought I was

I´m learning the magic of being non reactive

Most problems are made up in my head

Being present is always key - be here now

It´s not that big of a deal if people don´t like me

+What has been your biggest trial/flaw lately?

Being sensitive...I don´t see it as a flaw anymore but it still effects me daily. Feeling everything so deeply, taking everything personally...feelings of loneliness and isolation. I´ve just been working on not running away from uncomfortable feelings, speaking my mind, having hard conversations, and trying not to take things personally. But it´s tough stuff. I´m getting better <3

+How are you able to open up about your life without the fear of people taking advantage of it?

I´ve had a hard time opening up online over the past year...It goes back to what I was saying about the real world and the online world. I have the power to take myself in and out as I please, and learning that made all the difference. I´ve developed a pretty good balance of putting out something from my heart - and then removing myself from the space. Just letting it be.

+How do you let go of someone you love?

Radical acceptance. That´s the only thing that´s helped me. Completely surrendering to the timeline of your life and realizing that if it´s meant to be, your paths will cross again.

+Something you wish you could tell your former self?

I´d tell little Sofie that she´s dope just the way she is. She was born that way. She doesn´t need to people please or try to fit in a box that other people want for her.

I´d tell her that it´s hard and painful feeling invisible but she´s not. She´s entirely seen without needing to be anything. If you can show up that way, authentically you in every room you walk into - the people you desire in your life will FLOCK to you.

+How do you know when it´s time to let someone go as a friend?

This is so hard. It taught me a lot.

Friendship is action

Friendship is hard converations

Friendship is showing up and sitting in their pain with them

Once I realized this person was unable to give that to me, or I was unable to, I knew it was time to detach,

you should never have to beg for the bare minimum.

+Some good advice you recived recently?

I had a really good conversation with a close friend of my mom and I yesterday who also happens to be psychic...she reads my coffee cup.

She kept telling me "THIS is you. This stillness is your natural state. Not the emotional roller coaster you have identified with."

She helped me realize that life is supposed to feel good and peaceful. I´m so used to life being difficult that I expect it to always be difficult. I can´t stop creating these cycles...partly because deep down, I don´t feel deserving of peace.

All of this to basically say, I felt real peace today, yesterday and the day before that and I created it all on my own. I feel like I just discovered a superpower. I´m going to try to bring that peace into everything I do.

+How do you get over a falling out with your best friend?

Treat it like you would a real break up!! Mute them on everything lol. Out of sight, out of mind. I feel like if I´m not being constantly reminded of them, I forget and move on so much quicker. Or at least get to a good perspective where I can look back on what happened and see where I went wrong, see how or why my friend acted the way they did, etc.

And then, from that healthy perspective, I´ll assess the friendship and decide if it´s helping or hurting me. Sometimes you can have a falling out with a friend and end up seeing the relationship for what it actually was. I don´t think I ever would have seen how unhealthy certain friendships were, if there wasn´t an incident that caused us to separate.

Also, people aren´t meant to stay in our lives forever! People come in and out of our life, for seasons and lessons. I think we need to normalize outgrowing friendships!

+Do you ever get overwhelmed with all of your goals and dreams?

Yes. Lately when I catch myself doubting or spiraling, I say this mantra to myself,

"I´m playing the long game. And I know what I´m doing."

For some reason those words really pull me out of that headspace and grounds me in reality.

To me, the "long game" is applicable to anything. It means there´s more to the story. It´s not done yet. Perspective is around the corner. It means you´re okay with a slow burn. (One of my favorite Kacey Musgraves songs that depicts this so well)

My time is coming. Everything I dream of is already on it´s way to me.

And reminding myself that I know what I´m doing, keeps me confident. It´s so easy to spiral in self doubt. But I remember so many times in my life where I DID know what I was doing. I made it happen. I pulled it off.

That little phase, "I´m playing the long game and I know what I´m doing" reminds of how capable I am to achieve all of my goals.

+How to deal with change?

I welcome change, because I trust it´s all apart of my bigger story. Surrendering and trusting is key !! You´re always being guided.

+What makes you feel most fulfilled?

I´m not even kidding... It´s when I write blogs.

Art is the "fundemental expression of the human spirit" and to me, writing is how I express my real self.

I can´t explain the level of fulfillment I feel when I share something I´m proud of with the world.

+I´m bringing this iconic question back! If you could be a Kardashian who would you be?

First of all, I love this question. Second of all, it´s a tough one. Let´s weigh our options.

I love the strict rule of ´rappers and athletes´ that they follow for dating. I can hang with that. But I could never marry Kanye. So Kim is out. I love Khloe, but if I´m going to go full Kardashian I can´t be the ´funny one´ guys use to describe the less good looking friend. I´m already that girl. Done. Move on. I want to be the hot one. Kendall maybe??? But Kendall is kind of boring, right? And Kourtney is too mean. Kylie is my girl, but remember? I´m bad at makeup. I would run the lipkit business into the ground.

So after considering all options, I would have to say: North West.


If you have any other questions, leave me a dm or send them by carrier piegon because I´ll probably respect that and respond quicker.


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