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Oppdatert: 17. aug.

20th June 2016

I graduate high school on friday. Let me say it again, I GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL ON FRIDAY. Graduation is sure to be a blast. I can´t WAIT to sit for two hours, listening to teachers praise kids that did really well in school, address kids that did really awful in school.

Yeah, I´m a little bitter on the subject. Cause, I WANTED TO SPEAK AT GRADUATION. Is that so wrong? Id freaking kill a grad speech. I learned a lot of valuable lessons in high school that will greatly benefit everyone to hear.

Well, the teachers had another thing coming when they denied me of my speaking rights. Little did they know I have a BLOG. I´ll show them!

So by reading this, you are helping me fight the system. You´re essentially assisting me in "sticking it to the man" just by clicking on the link that brought you here! You little rebel. So here are some life lessons I learned throughout high school, that will help you in your next chapter of life. My unofficial:

"Graduation Speech"

-The first one is the most important lesson, that I had to learn the hard way. Never set an alarm to a good song. That song will be ruined for the rest of your life. The end. No questions asked. No exceptions. Waves by Kanye West will never be the same.

-The fastest way to make friends at high school is to compliment one´s instagram/facebook picture. It´s the unsaid but very effective, "woah did we just become friends? I think we just became friends."

-On that note, the fastest way to make enemies is to sarcastically film a snapchat saying youre the "prettiest girl in school." Boys, this means murder.

-Making eye contact with your teacher as youre trying to not answer the question asked out loud, is equivalent to making eye contact with kindergartners as you walk past their lemonade stand. Don´t do it.

-Next lesson, high school is where you get insecure about walking past a group of teenagers, even though you, yourself are a teenager. This is inevitable, I have no advice to offer here, sorry.

-Fake it til you make it. This applies to when you wake up and realize you have to take the ACT, and you havent even picked up a study book for the upcoming test. This applies to when you want to go to Tyga´s concert so you have to convince your mom that he censors his shows. Faking it til you make it, is using "I´m on my period and this one hurts" card to skip football in gymclass. This is the motto. Know it. Live it, Love it.

-No boy is ever worth waking up early to look cute for. Except for mmhm.. no I´m just kidding.

-Teachers can be lame. But they can also be awesome. One of them let me leave class early when I got the news that Zayn left One Direction. She restored my faith in the education program.

-There is still no polite way to tell someone to chew their gum quietly. Sorry.

-Ivé learned that the only good thing about having your fellow boy classmates as DJ for all three years of high school, is that they play a lot of One Direction. You can´t really twerk to "What Makes You Beautiful" but you can lip sync harry´s solo.

-Sleeping with your shoes/backpack on gives you a good ten extra minutes of sleep. I hate that I´ve done this.

-Pick good friends. Pick friends that convince you that performing a dance in front of the whole school with them is a good idea. (It´s never a good idea.)

All those things are important of course, but it wasn´t until recently, towards the very end of my year, that I realized the most important lesson.

In case you´ve never met me before, I´m the type of person to make a great big emotional scene about pretty much everything. I´m the type of girl to give a tearful tribute for the dead bird found outside my house. Ive seen Lord of the rings movies more times than I can remember, and yet, every time, I throw myself into fantastic sobs when Gandalv dies. (He doesn´t die, but it looks like he does in that ONE SPESIFIC SCENE.)

When someone dies, last words often become historical, monumental, even.

Because, I mean, what´s more dramatic than the last words you leave with humanity?

(oh come on, that chapter messed you UP in seventh grade)

The point is, we mourn over death, real and fictional.

And then we plaster the faces of our loved ones in newspapers, news feeds, new stands even, in hope of adequately remembering a great life.

(I can only imagine the state of our world when Beyonce leaves us.)

But why not.. now?

What would life be if it wasn´t remembered or celebrated?

Weeks ago, a friend asked me that annoying question "if you were handed a book about your life, would you skip to the end?"

And, realistically, I said yes, because of that one time I fast forwarded all of season 4 to find out if Elena ended up with Damon or not in Vampire Diaries.

But today, I realized that I would be too busy re-reading all of my favorite chapters to worry about who I end up marrying.

And so as my last week as a high schooler, I am "re-reading." I am reminiscing. I am getting very sentimental and I feel like it´s well deserved.

So, I leave you with this last tip.

Celebrate life. right now.


*dops mic*

*falls of stage*

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