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The bachelor season one

I’ve been feeling so much love lately. So I decided to dedicate this post to my lifelong friends. We could all use a little more love in our lives. So think of this, as each contestants bio written from my perspective. And keep in mind, that I wrote this right after I had went through my own camera roll. I had no idea how emotional I would be, and I totally cried all day long. I love them all so much and I hope you get to see that through these introductions.

Meet the contestants

Ole Martin

As an internet mom, I realize you’re not supposed to pick favorite children. And I’m a good internet mom so of course, I would neeeeeevvvver do that. But lets just say, Ole Martin would be the one to get extra Christmas presents every year. He’s one of those people that comes along and you can’t believe you spent so much of your life without them. EVERYONE loves Ole. I’m constantly in tears laughing about something he’s said. One time he fell asleep on the bus, and about every single one asked “Where’s Ole?” throughout the drive because his presence is always missed when he’s gone. He is always himself, and quickly brought people together in a way I don’t think I could have done myself. So many times on the Africa trip there would be little moments that no one else caught and we'd just look at each other and laugh. I could always count on him to appreciate the special moments we experienced. You all know how close I am with my brothers. I truly view Ole like my third brother. From day one, he’s had my back and taken me under his wing. He’s always looked out for me, and even seek after opportunities for me. He’s protected me like family pretty much since we first met. He is family. I can genuinely tell him anything - and I do. Half of our gatherings turn into us just talking about life for two hours and I think that’s what makes our relationship work so well. He’s my favorite person to sit by at dinner, or walk the streets with. The conversation just flowed. We genuinely want what’s best for each other - equally or almost more than we want it for ourselves. The same way I ache for the happiness of my blood related family members. Ole took me as I am and are my chosen family, which is just as deep if you ask me. I love him SO much!!!



I want to put Josefine in my pocket and save her for a rainy day. You hear about people all the time, who have a ‘light’ about them, and that is Josefine described perfectly. She is so happy all the time, and I would seriously try to be around her as much as possible just to bask in her glory. Her positive outlook on seriously every situation is so inspiring to me. Her laugh is so contagious and I would hear it from the other room and sprint over, because I didn’t want to miss out on whatever she was laughing about. But 90% of the time, her laugh was better than the joke. Every time I’ve been around her I’ve noticed people gravitating towards her. She’s funny, she’s adorable, and she is good to her very core. She’s someone you talk to and you feel like you’ve known for years. Anyone would say that about Josefine. You talk to her once, and it feels like you’re catching up with an old friend. She effortlessly make friends everywhere she goes, and she´s always the life of the party without even trying. She’s so cool too. She’s determined in her studying to become a nurse, how amazing is that? I can’t wait to set her up with my little brother 5-10 years from now (she hasn’t agreed to this. I’m still working on it). She’s just too cute, and like.. her dimples… idk guys, I’m a Josefine Stan for life.


She’s someone I look up to on so many levels. She helped me gain a new perspective on so many things and she's someone who's opinion I value so highly. I would sit in the room and pick her brain for hours, listening to her lay down some serious wisdom. She just observes everyone, and you can tell she feels everyones emotions too. I don’t open up easily at ALL. I hardly ever let people know if I’m sad let alone what I’m sad about, but Sara, has got me to tell her things I haven’t told ANYONE, things I hadn’t even talked about with myself!! I would always vent to her, and she would reassure me and make me feel less crazy, and the weird part of it all, was just that I could! I could totally trust her, and open up to her because not only does she listen without judgement, but with understanding. She validates everything I say. When you get in a big group of girls and conversation is flowing, it’s easy to cut someone off the second their story is finished, to hurry and try and get yours in before the subject changes. But Sara, I’ve noticed, would just sit and listen to everyones stories, and comment on them, ask questions, and genuinely want to hear more. I’ve always loved that about her. Another thing is, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, and god be with anyone who crosses her. She doesn’t seem intimidating, but I promise she’s stronger than you, she’s smarter than you, and she’s Jan Berntsen’s daughter. So your best bet is to walk away. So not only is she my therapist, she’s my boss. AKA THE GOAT. Sara is my hero, and she’s gonna do big things. I can’t wait for my kids to come home from school and tell me they learned about her in class someday.

Love you long time Sara babe.


Initially, she comes across way too chill for you. So chill, it’s almost icy. And it drove boys CRAZY. Haha! She had 11 boys who could talk her ear off, compliment her all day long, and quote Ed Sheeran lyrics while feeding her grapes by the pool, but she wouldn’t give them the time of day. ICONIC. She’s the furthest thing from cold though, in fact, she is one of the warmest, most kind girls I’ve ever come across. If there was anyone besides Kanye West that I would want someone to make a documentary based on their life, it would be Aurora. This girl has has the coolest life. I’ve just been in complete awe of the life she’s made. Just when I thought she couldn’t get cooler, she left Bali after me. Why?? Because she had to catch a flight to Malaysia, where she’d be exploring the country for the next week BY HERSELF! She doesn’t wait for permission, or timing to be right, or friends to go with, she just go for it. Alone if she has to, with a bed on the ground at a hostel if she has to. And she’s absolutely KILLING IT. She and I got really close during our stay in Bali (that’s where the magic happens baby!!) and from that trip I knew without a doubt she’ll be one of my bridesmaids to my future wedding. I would seriously hang around her all day because of her energy. She is the cool girl. So cool that I hardly felt worthy enough to be around her half the time, but I still followed her around like a puppy in hopes of some of her coolness rubbing off on me. I think my favorite thing about her is how she carries herself. She’s not the loudest one in the group, she’s not the center of attention, but she exudes confidence in such a beautiful way. I love to ask people questions, really weird questions, to get people comfortable (or extremely uncomfortable, but it usually works.) and she always entertains me. She never gets awkward or uncomfortable and I love that about her. Traveling the world together, yiking at national monuments and historic sights, making moves and making things happen. I love you Aurora, and your movie star smile. YIKE ON EM BABY!!


Kristine and I are kindred spirits. We relate to each other on so many levels due to things that happened in our past. We get along so well and can just vent to each other and be all like “NO WAY. SAME. NO LITERALLY SAME. LIKE WE ARE ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON.” It’s so great. I feel like I need to spit out 100 facts about Kristine because that’s so her. She’s alllll over the place, eats more than a teenage boy going through puberty, talks a mile a minute, but I listen to her anyway. Because I LOVE. THIS. GIRL. She was helping me choose songs for my Spotify list and ended up showing me the sickest stuff. I was in heaven. I automatically trust anyone with good music taste. It’s a rule. She’s also the only person I can think of who could out-vine me. Girl is FLUENT in her vine history knowledge. It scares me. It excites me. And we’ll probably all end up working for her someday. Kristine is the life of the party. When she isn’t around everybody feels empty. When she was on the other side of the TABLE I felt empty. She would tell stories and I would just sit there, staring up at her with adoring eyes, waiting on every word. She has the best stories and one liners, and makes them even better when she tells them like she is reliving them. She’s so self assure, I could listen to her talk about her ideas and plans for the future for hours. I love you Kristine, you tiny little fireball of love and your determined little mind. I can’t wait to see where you’re going in life.


We just get each other. She just gets everybody. You can’t not love Frida. I’ve seriously fallen in love with this girl. I have a feeling that’s how everyone is when they meet her though, and I blame it on her smile. She has such a killer smile/laugh combination that you question whether you want to be her, or WIFE HER it’s that good. I could seriously write an essay in MLA format about all of the reasons I love Frida, and spend at least three paragraphs about how her sexy boyfriend is the main reason, but I think my favorite thing about her is .. oh well... It’s been an internal debate, trying to figure out what Frida’s best quality is. Her ability to bring out the best in everyone at any given time, was a top contender. Her world class booty was another one. But I decided that above all that, her best quality is how she connects with everyone. Because she cares so deeply. Because of how thoughtful she is. Because she understands you. Because she is the best conversationalist. Because of her tender little heart. What I have noticed about Frida over the years is something that makes me emotional to even write about, is how she constantly is building everyone else up. Not for show, not for praise, not for any ulterior motives, but just because that’s who she is. And I could see firsthand the way her compliments and kind words has effected everyone. It’s her unique superpower to feel everything so deeply and her gift that she has her way with words. She is everything. I remember one night talking with mom and she said, “Do you ever just stare at Frida?? And wonder how one person can be so beautiful?” And I said “RETWEET.” Frida is gorgeous. In her looks, her laugh, her voice (Kinda raspy??? Kinda hot??? Weirdly soothing???) and just in the way she is. Now I’m crying, DAMN IT FRIDA. I love you though.

That was so much longer than I ever intended but if nothing else, this post is just for you 5 amazing beautiful girls and you handsome fella Ole Martin. I want you to know individually how much I love you and how proud I am of each and every one of you. I love you fools, and I expect big things from every single one of you :)



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