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Summer burned hot & quick like it always does. As usual, I´m shocked when fall comes around.

What I´m trying to say, is I liked the slow summer I had. I needed it. My soul needed it. My little family needed it. My closest friends needed it.

I liked having the mornings to myself. I liked our routine. Our shows. Our ordering food takeway regulars.

Even the ´see´ tv series intro sounds sweet and endearing looking at it through a nostalgic lens.

This summer was dark for me. But I´ve always admired my ability to seek out and appreciate the small and simple joys in matter what I´m going through.

In 2022 I think we call that,

"romanticizing" idk.

Here is my favorite form of


my pictures.

Those small and simple joys, caught on film.


Cruise, Barcelona - Sardinia - Mallorca -Ibiza


Other noteworthy pics from this summer

Now....on to September!

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