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31 January 2016

Prom was rolling around the corner. Me, being freshly able to date, I pretty much tatooed "come and get it boys" on my forehead, and was dropping hints like crazy because I really wanted to get asked out. I watched every single one of my friends get asked to the dance and quickly started realizing I probably wasn´t going to get asked and that was okay! I totally made myself okay with it, and I was dead set on the fact that I wouldn´t be asked.

So on a random school day, a wednesday morning, 2 weeks before prom, Kristine, Sara & I walked in the hall (like usual) towords our lockers to pick up our books, getting ready for class. Next to the lockers stands a group of boys. I wouldn´t have suspected anything if it wasn´t for the constant glares and finger pointing towards us, coming from the boy group itself. Then Frida came from nowhere to me as if she was just going to stand there and watch me look for my history book with me. But, I´m smart. I´m a smart girl. I immediately smelled "distraction" and shot her a look that she returned with a shaky smile and a

"What are you talking about ha.. ha.."

I looked straight to the boy group. Screw the surprise, I wanted to know who was asking me. Right then and there.

I was smart, but not smart enough because as the schoolbell rings the students in for class and everbody starts leaving I start to second-guessing myself. Maybe I made it all up in my head, after all. Until there were only three boys standing there left. I really didn´t even have to see who asked me, because the built up tension won me over. But can you imagine, how fast my heart started beating when I saw the cutest trio of boys left, standing there?

Lasse, Benjamin & Tobias.

Lasse was so nervous, holding out his hand to me saying

"Sofie, will you go to prom with me?"

We were fresh and so awkward. But he was so nice, and so charming, and made me feel comfortable the entire time. I could not believe I actually got asked and that Lasse wanted to go with me. It was a dream.

Then I looked to Sara & Kristine, who also now had each their own prom dates. It was cute and it made me warm inside.


Finding a dress for prom proved harder than expected. This was my conversation with my mom every day after school.

Mom: "Sofie look at these dresses"

Me: *mentally prepares myself for showdown*

Mom: Do you like this one?

Me: Nahhh

Mom: well how about this one?

Me: Nahhh

after repeating this for 15 minutes, my mom would furiously exit the room, indicating my victory. Finally we found a beauty from an all american prom website. Luckily, it fit me perfectly.

The dance was more perfect than I ever could have imagined my prom to be. Way better than any 80´s movie that had set my expectiations un-realistically high.

The DJ came on the mic and announced the last dance. I started freaking out.

Immediately, as the song came on, my eyes started to get teary. I tried hard not to, but the song was the classic "Dancing Queen" by Abba and that was a song that I adored as a teeny bopper and knew every word to. It was a special song to me, and I quickly realized this was it. It happened so fast, everything. I still have a semester left of junior high school, but I´m growing up scary fast and I hate it and kind of love it. I went fast to the bathroom to do some small touches around my eye makeup, and I´m told later all my friends thought I had a makeout session.


I got back to the dancefloor, as the song was about to end, and I danced one more time with my longtime girlfriends. I started thinking back to 7th grade prom. Everything was new, it was the beginning. Our first dance, our first prom dresses, our first getting asked out, our first kisses and now here we were 3 years later with our friendship strong-just the same as always but us, all grown up, and all, individually, different. These girls were not "just some childhood friends" to me, they were genuinely my best friends and it honestly broke my heart, because it was all ending.

The song ended, it was beautiful, and my heart was warm.

And then some kid walked by us and yelled "Get some!" and thats all I can remember.

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