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Oppdatert: 13. okt. 2022

I’m a bucket list kind of girl.

It´s mostly in my mind, but sometimes I´ll write down my biggest hopes and dreams.

1. Work for UNICEF

2. Attend a masquerade ball

3. Become the nanny for Harry Styles someday in the future when he has multiple gorgeous and talented children with curly hair and slowly ruin his marriage from the inside and steal him for myself

4. Adopt a rescued animal

5. Write a book

6. Skydiving

7. Go partying with Post Malone

8. Visit France (especially Paris)

Some call it crazy, some call it ambitious, but I am here today to tell you that I have officially crossed off my first item.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that I shared a beautiful moment with Post Malone, but it was actually #8 that I was able to complete.


November 19, 2021 was a big day in the life of Sofie Mugaas. What a better way to end the year with unrealistic pressure and expectations!

France, the most famous visited country in the world! Although New York City may have been the first well known city termed "the city that never sleeps", I feel like France can very well deserve that term too as it´s been carrying the title of the most popular tourist destination in the world for more than 20 years now.

And now I´ve been here.

Frida Birkeland Nomme, my friend messaged me to tell me she wants my life.

(I told her she could have it, if I could have her boyfriend.)

I took so many photos this weekend and have just barely gone through half of them and you guyyyyys. MY HEART!!! I always walk around holding my phone. I'm a memory hoarder, plain and simple. I´m obnoxious to travel with when it comes to taking pictures because I have to take pictures everywhere and off everything.

Taking pictures are so much fun though because it takes me so long time to figure out how I want them to turn out, that by the time I actually do, it´s a complete surprise!

So many memories scattered from this little French weekend getaway, and I love it all.

Miki were running on 4 hours of sleep, Yokiya 20 minutes and me zero hours of sleep however chicken nuggets. BUT we were ready.


November 19 2021 // A perfect day in Monaco. We wandered around the city,

emptied our wallets on an Italian worthy brunch,

we agreed that taco Bell would have been a better choice...for our wallets.

I´m slowly realizing that all of these pictures are just buildings and food hahaha.

Things I´ll miss someday: walking down the streets of Monaco feeling like Julia Roberts from the movie "Pretty Woman".

This was such a good idea. Any time spent in the aquarium will be a good time. Promise. Money back guarantee.


We walked up to this beautiful view over the city.

I have a fascination for tall buildings and very sure I’ve made that apparent, but what the heck guys look how pretty!!!!

Me and Miki making all the boys who curved us in high school regret the day they were ever born.

Their outfits coordinated so well... I´m so... proud.

I think sailboats are a bit pretentious unless you’re planning on inviting me on one.

On our way heading to the beach.

November 19 2021 // Yes, the day I´ll ask God to relive.

Really into these colors lately.

Sneezed on the view and the view got sicker.

Beautiful in every country.

Not to be that person but I´m "missing France" rn.....

Yo, I might start crying for real.


November 20 2021 // On saturday they asked me "wanna go get breakfast?" and it was music to my ears. Let´s do breakfast forever and ever.

This is such good in - the - moment- photo.

This was right before we headed out for breakfast when Yokiya looked at my outfit and said "you´re leveling up faster than me and it´s stressing me out".

We explored around the city, and ....


We walked from the beach up to that white castle and further up to get a better view over the city.

Which led us TO THIS!

My baby girl Yokiya, with a smile that could solve world hunger.

So insane!


and pics dedicated to my cute overalls,

thank u.

I mean........

Also my hair looks cool, plz appreciate!

On our way to find something to eat and take it with us to the beach before catching our next flight.

Aw man when this socca made sweet sweet love to my SOUL.

Yokiya making the world a better place with that smile.

The beautiful Aoi, friend of Yokiya (and the only person I´m okay sharing her with)


November 20//November 21 2021 // Was just trying to live up to my Blair Waldorf potential. PARIS! Shout out to you, baby.

The girlies asking me "do you want to eat at a pastel cafe?" and I just dont think you can ever say no to that kind of question.

Paris 2021.


skrrrtttt skrtttt.

My favorite building of all time (insert crying emoji here) >> my heart aches to go back to this day.

The tour guide giving us the run down,

he thought the view was pretty.... but I thought.... yeah u know.


Shopping in Paris, a necessity! Peep Miki trying on jacket hahaha very accurate. The girl DOES. NOT. REST.

My favorite restaurant in Paris, Colorova. Go there. Thank me later.

For an out of your body experience order the brunch menu.

The drip here...

is just....

on another level.

Seriously, so good. Clout not included.

The last shopping rage. This is definitely in my top 5 places for to get that "Christmas feeling." To get there was heavy, but SHREDDING IS UNIVERSAL!

Paris who really takes shit to the next level.

I thought I knew love but then I met Paris.

Started out as strangers and somehow we ended up in Paris and somehow we ended up becoming so close, that they´re already considered bridesmaids at my future wedding. I always talk about seasons of life coming to an end and how painful they are, but it´s also important to note how beautiful the start of a new one is. And I have a feeling this one is going to be soooooo good.

Love these people. Love this country.

Love you.

Possibly my favorite photo of myself ... ever.

Luckily I had my phone with me all the time to capture all these perfect moments, which is now frozen in time. MEMORIES. They take you home.


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