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Our world is a wonderful, breathtaking, mysterious place.

Yet we live most of our life in our own head. Our inner world.

Our inner world is personal, it´s completely unique to each one of us.

We all view reality through different eyes.

I think there is something unspeakably lonely about that.

All of us stuck in our heads. Trapped in our own inner worlds.

Never truly being able to show you what I see.

Loneliness is universal. We want somewhere to belong. More than anything, we simply crave reassurance that we´re not the only ones who feel that way. It´s a feeling deep down that there´s more than this. A homesickness for where we truly belong. A sense that we are apart of something bigger. A longing to find out what it is.

The antidote to this homesickness is human connection. Stepping outside our own world and into a shared one. Reminding each other of that "something bigger" we all feel apart of. It doesn´t need to be a grand gesture. Connection is powerful regardless of how deep the interaction.

Smiling at a stranger.

Learning (and remembering) someones name.

Taking a photo for a couple attempting a selfie.

Sending someone a song that reminded you of them.

Listening to the backstory of your taxi driver.

Asking your dad about his dad.

Discussing 90 Days Fiance with friends you met online.

Simple moments of sharing life with others will, over time, lead to a profound impact on who we are.

Human connection is powerful.
It eases the pain of our inherent loneliness.
Even just for a second.

It´s hard to talk about being lonely.

It´s viewed as vulnerable, weak, needy.

I think some people just don´t feel like they belong.

I think that´s why we have to talk about it.

Admitting we are lonely is a vulnerable declaration,

but in that bravery, we find our people.

This is the story behind my latest blog post,

Ask Me Why I´m Lonely.

I wanted to add another conversation to the blog.

But I wanted this one to facilitate true, deep connection.

I wanted this one to reference my blog as a whole.

The vision I have, the message I am passionate about sharing.

"Ask Me Why I´m Lonely"

Is an invitati0n for vulnerable conversation.

Loneliness is an ache that comes with the human experience.

But the beautiful irony is that we all feel it. We are unified in our yearning.

We cry out for comfort

and the sounds echo.

Through the reverberations, we are soothed.

It is a strange relief to realize our loneliness is not rare.

It´s nice to remember that none of us are actually alone in our loneliness, but connected by it.

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