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Oppdatert: 1. jul. 2023


hey....remember that one time I went to a Coldplay concert?

I think I´m finally ready to talk about it.

So let´s chat.


I´ve been heavily involved in a deeply personal, romantic and simultaneously platonic, one sided love affair with Coldplay for the past five years. I´d do anything for u baby boys.

It´s hard to descriebe what their music means to me, so just know, it means everything to me.

At the beginning of the year, I was writing down goals and hopes and dreams, and all those good New Years resolutions we forget about 2 weeks in. But some of those goals have actually been accomplished, and others are going to be. I sat down and asked myself "what does the perfect year look like?" And other than giving A$AP Rocky a lap dance, seeing Coldplay was at the top of my list. I checked concert dates every couple weeks.

Coldplay was playing several U.K. shows this summer, so it gave us options. We were willing to travel just about anywhere to see them, but we wanted to make it happen in their homeland. The U.K. date the Mugaas family ended up with was August 21th. We were willing to put our minds, bodies and wallets to the test.

So. After all of this hype, after all the waiting, all the traveling and all of the OUTFIT PLANNING do you really think I would be content watching this show from the BACK? Without seats! No. Take a seat Ashley.

(Ashley is the name I use for internet trolls.)

Fast forward. Here we are right in the middle of it all.

1 hour til Coldplay

Some background music took the stage and I jumped up and down, mumbling lyrics, hands dancing in the air, feeling good, feeling confident. Getting to the front seats with a view over the concert is hard. It takes confidence, determination, and thick skin. But I love it.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY DUMB HOE" is music to my ears.

You just need your tactics.

  1. Travel in groups

  2. Choose your victims wisely


-Traveling in groups is key. If you see a line of frat boys plowing their way through a crowd, grab on to Bradley´s shoulders and follow that train as long as you can. It´s easier, less intimidating, and ultimately, if you help them out, they´ll help you out.

-Choosing your victims wisely. This means, being very particular in who you piss off. If there´s a group of girls wearing band tee´s and heavy eyeliner on your right, and a group of boys high off shrooms on your left, go left. Always.

-And last but not least, blame everyone around you. (So inspiring.) Wait until a huge push, and start throwing shoulders. This is where the magic happens. DO NOT GO GENTLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT. MOVE YOUR FEET. Then in the midst of the chaos, you say "STOP PUSHING" as loud as you can and roll your eyes a couple times, convincing all of the annoyed stans around you, that you´re just as picked on as they are. Works like a charm.

And for someone who hates bothering other people, I like to remind myself that "I´m not here to make friends" (I´m so ready for the bachelor franchise) and you´re not going to get in trouble for pushing in front of someone. They can´t kick you out for it. It´s just going to make them mad for a second, but you´ll never see them again anyways right?

(I mean the entire Enrique Iglesias fandom is still out for my blood, but at least I got some good snapchats)

Moral of the story kids, it´s ALWAYS POSSIBLE!

whew. I should be a life coach. back to our story.

God himself sent down an actual angel by the name of Stormzy and we sang with him under an open sky. Maybe it was the secondhand marijuana, but he had every single one of us under a spell. He put on one of the most artistic, and beautiful sets I´ve ever seen live. I completely lost all motivation to get to the front, or motivation for anything really. I had abandoned all sense of reality and the only important thing at that moment was Stormzy smiling during instrumental breaks.


The show is about to start. The crowd is chanting, the lights are down, I have chills head to toe!! I had no idea what was about to happen, but I knew it was going to be good, then all of the sudden, a spotlight shines. The crowd ERUPTS into screams.


and I gasped.

then screamed.

Thousands and thousands of people were here watching, including every notable rapper in the game and every model from Taylor Swift´s white "feminist power" squad, yet WE were here. We made it. I couldn´t believe it.

It was one of the best nights of my life. There wasn´t a dry eye in the vicinity and I´m pretty sure even Kendall Jenner acted excited about something for once. Chris Martin (the lead singer) filmed and directed the entire thing, and I felt like I was in the presence of greater beings.

I have never experienced feelings like I had experienced that night, and I dont even know how to put them into words but I´ll try;

it´s in every way a sefish, individual, soul changing moment. It´s wanting to record it, so you can freeze time, immortalize it, and watch it every night before you go to bed. But it´s also wanting to hold your hands on your heart and close your eyes and be alone with the moment itself and let it happen as it´s supposed to happen. It´s also not about you at all. Its about the music, and how were all listening to the same song, screaming the same song, but not one single person feels it the same way. It´s me crying during "fix you," and it´s the guy next to me crying during "yellow" and we usually never get to know why the songs mean the way they do to people. But it´s the knowledge that this music changed everyone at some point, and without us realizing it, it was still changing us, right then and there.

Standing there, in London Wembley stadium with my family, listening to COLDPLAY, wearing my favorite jumpsuit, I realized my life had peaked. THIS WAS IT!!! IT WASN´T GETTING BETTER THAN THIS! And I even got sad. It was all going to be over soon, and I wasn´t ready. I needed a couple more minutes! a couple more songs. I needed to bottle up these feelings and save them for a rainy day.

and so that´s what I did.

what you just read, was essentially the bottle being opened and spilled out in dramatic story telling form.

it´s peaceful when you let yourself believe that moments don´t end.


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