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Hi! My name is Sofie Marie, but only my family uses both names. You can call me Sofie. Soph. Sophie. All mighty goddesses in the world, what flows best.


While I was in high school, I decided that university is not for me, and started traveling the world instead. I am the poster child for "social media-obsessed, wandering, driven, generation z".

My favorite thing in the whole world is traveling. Experience different cultures, meet new people, see different destinations.

My favorite type of travel is the journeys where I am inspired to live my life better, happier and in a more meaningful way. Looking for cheap flight tickets with some dramatic, beautiful music in the background is my drug of choice.

Have the slightly more philosophical conversations, and writing, on the other hand, is a part of me. The philosophical questions and the writing are just always there. It is in my nature. I hardly consider them hobbies, they're just part of who I am.

Things you´ll learn about me:

I share my thoughts as a 21-year-old, and my 21 years of experience, and yes, I could do it privately. I could use my creative energy to fill hundreds of journals. But making it public is a way for me to connect with very cool people because they are and think in the same ways as me.

Timing is not my thing. "Short and sweet" isn´t in my vocabulary (haven´t you noticed?) When I speak, it takes a long time before I get to the point. By the time it takes you to read one of my blog posts, you could probably have washed your whole house, met and fallen in love with your soulmate, run a marathon, successfully explained the plot of Pretty Little Liars, written an Oscar-winning script, I don´t know. I have a lot to say! I'm just warning you. I'm giving you content here.

I am a sentimental soul, and cry more than a newly divorced housewife who has gone through menopause.

To say that I'm "afraid of" wasps is like saying that Beyonce is "a little cute." I've spent every summer since 2009, dodging, panicking and swearing at the wasp. After I was in Italy a few years ago and got seven stings in two weeks, I became sure that they were after to get me. And yes, in all seriousness. They are!

I am an old soul,in the sense that as a little girl I could memorize every single Queen song. My favorite movie is "Dead Poets Society." If I could have dinner with anyone alive or dying, it would be Michael Jackson on my right, and Elvis Presley on my left. My style icons are Princess Diana and Jennifer Aniston from the Friends series. Young Leonardo Dicaprio will forever be my first love, and I wear loose long pants like it´s still 1991. At the end of the day, I wonder why I was not born in the 80's. I could also have thrived as a young adult in the 70's for sure. Or even in the early 90's. I've always felt like I belong more to Drew Barrymore's world than Kim Kardashian's. But I have come to the conclusion why. Why I grew up when I did. Why I'm here, right now. And that's because ...

... I love people. I love learning about people, talking to people and asking to hold their babies. I love connecting. And that's what this day and age is all about. Connection. You couldn´t connect with people in 1986 in the same way you can now in 2022. You just couldn´t. There are more opportunities now than ever before, and that's the simplest reason I can give you as to why I share so much of myself online. Maybe it's because I require social validation. Maybe it's because one day I want to show my kids how cool their mother was. But when it comes down to it, I use this platform to connect. With YOU! I want to inspire people. I want to help people. Through documenting my own life, I want to make someone´s day a little better. And that is the sole purpose of this blog.

And I hope you stick around for a while.


Sofie Mugaas

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